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The Team

If you need to communicate, we can help. From strategic planning to development of the information assets and delivery systems necessary to power your communications needs, we are available to lend our expertise and experience to help you succeed.


Meet The Team

Nancy Wuennemann

Nancy Aborn Wuennemann

Founder and President

Nancy specializes in media management and presentation skills training, marketing and public relations strategy and execution for corporate, government and non-profit organizations. A story-teller at heart, Nancy has won awards for producing, hosting & narrating documentaries, news coverage and marketing publications. Her background includes nearly two decades at TV stations in New England in addition to documentary and commercial production for non-profit organizations.

Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen

Technology Services and Photography

Michelle has been working in the computer industry professionally since 1980. She holds two Masters Degrees from Yale University. Michelle has worn a number of hats over the last 28 years: a programmer, technician, systems engineer, and networking technical trainer in private industry. Ms Hansen holds certifications in computer hardware, operating system software, applications, networking protocols and network security. At Patton Media, Michelle keeps the systems running smoothly and is in charge of all photo and video operations.

Andrew Stephens

Andrew Stephens


Andrew is an HTML genius and a code purist. At Patton Media, Andrew is responsible for the layout, visual appearance and functionality of websites built by the company. Working with the creative team, Andrew produces designs that are original, modern, functional, and beautiful. He is versed in several computerĀ languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Actionscript, and Java. In addition to web design, Andrew excels in desktop video editing and has produced segments for a variety of not-for-profit organizations.