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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management: The New PR

While a crisis can come and go, a reputation lasts forever.

Generally speaking, your reputation is created and altered by what you do and what everyone, including you, says. Unfortunately, perceptions are not always based on fact, but on opinion, conjecture and rumors.

Today, millions of people surf the Web for news and information about people, places and companies. If you “Google”  yourself or your company today, do you like what you see? The top 10 results for Patton Media include links to our websites, social media activity, blogs and press coverage. These favorable results are no accident…they are the results of a consistent search engine marketing effort and related PR activities.

Nothing waits until the next day anymore. Information is 24/7 and your business NEEDS to be ready.

It’s not a question whether or not you should be managing your reputation online, it’s a question of how. Just because you haven’t drawn fire from detractors online yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And when it does, be ready for it. Organizations and individuals should consider developing a search engine reputation management program as standard protocol for the 21st century to meet the demands of our web 2.0 world.