Patton Media

Media and Public Relations

It’s all about relationships

Savvy marketers have moved beyond the generic terms “Media and Public Relations.” We understand that there are lots of publics – media, government, industries, general public, and specific segments of the population, including minority or ethnic communities is critical to  growing a business.

And the term “media” has changed too. The standard go to mediums, terms like  TV, radio and newspaper no longer apply. Add in web re-design, mobile to web applications, blogs, video to web, and more than 3000 social media portals… the world you can engage is limitless.

Public relations is all about building relationships. PR is just one component of our powerful branding services.  At Patton Media we believe that effective use of PR and Media relations is the difference between a good company and a great company.

From building and maintaining media relationships to securing speaking engagements, our role is to get you closer to your target audience.

We’re creative! Part of reaching your target audience is making sure that your message can cut through the clutter and spark interest. That’s where our creativity comes in. Whether in a blog, an ad or a press release, we capture audience attention in a unique, creative fashion. We get attention that gets results!

We’re internet-savvy! Reaching the Web-surfing consumer is priority #1 for Fortune 500 firms and small businesses alike. We believe in the power of compelling storytelling through video to web production. Never has there been a better time to own your message on the internet and deliver it in your unique personal style. With the explosion of social media and the convergence of all communications portals, managing your brand and reputation has never been more important in your overall business communications.

We get in where others only knock! Know your media, know your target audience, and prepare. Develop your materials to ensure that your content is as compelling as it can be. All communications strategies should be reinforced by tried and true public relations and marketing fundamentals. We have solid and trusted relationships with the media that we can put to use for your company or organization.