Patton Media


Patton Media Delivers:

Service, Solutions, Success

We create customized solutions for your unique marketing needs. At Patton Media, we deliver quality work and provide exceptional value for our services. You will receive prompt attention and objective recommendations about strategy-based marketing approaches to help you succeed. We evaluate existing marketing efforts and help you set strategy and priorities for moving forward. We conduct research and develop comprehensive communications plans.

Remember: Anyone can buy design software packages or download “how to” books these days. But, but having the software and knowing how to implement are two different things. 

At  Patton Media we work from a strategic perspective, since award-winning work that doesn’t accomplish your objectives is not worth doing.


We work actively with clients, advising them about their image and how it is communicated, developing marketing strategies, and helping them to identify and reach targeted audiences.  We can work with you on a project basis, and we often work on a retainer basis, functioning as “marketing director on call” for our clients.

Here’s a sampling of how we can help:

We offer Patton Boot-camp programs for groups of 6-10 individuals focused on your company. The boot-camp will provide an affordable overview of your marketing efforts.  The one-day 6 hour session includes a one-day training program, an analysis of your current situation and materials and  an evaluation of up to 6 competitors resulting in dozens of very specific recommendations for steps you can take to improve your marketing success.