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Christmas By the Numbers

November 20, 2013 NJAPW

We came across this story looking at the holiday in England last year. With all the trimmings out in the stores the day after Halloween, what kind of comparisons can we make here in the USA this holiday season? Can you identify the shopper in your family or social circle?

The “Christmas Creep”

The early arrival of Christmas retail campaigns has created two very distinct types of Christmas shopper, according to Experian.  This Christmas sees the emergence of ‘The Festive Early Bird’, who is most likely to have Christmas shopping well under way by early December and ‘The Savvy Christmas Saver’, who will still be shopping on Christmas Eve.

By using its Hitwise competitive intelligence tool to look at visits to the shopping & classifieds category online in the four weeks ending 8 December 2012 and by comparison the four weeks ending 5 January 2013, Experian has identified where each type of shopper is likely to live:

Portrait of the Festive Early Bird:

  • Mid 40s to mid 60s.
  • Married.
  • Parents – families with children under 15 years old.
  • High income families with household incomes over £100,000.
  • Focus on quality when shopping.
  • Likely to shop at Amazon and John Lewis.

Portrait of the Savvy Christmas Saver:

  • Aged 18-25.
  • Single.
  • A mix of students and young professionals living in student houses or home sharing, and lower income singles.
  • Many on low incomes earning less than £10,000 per year.