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August 2, 2012 NJAPW

Andrew and I were having one of those random “technology” conversations this morning in the office.   I marvel as I watch the Olympics and how technology is able to determine the difference between Gold and Silver medalists down to a 100th of a second and wonder if the silver medalists before this technology came along are scratching their heads wondering if they really won years ago? Andrew was thinking about technology in regard to how quickly we discard it and move on to the next greatest thing. His robotics team was searching for a serial to USB port connector. Who makes those anymore? I had one in a drawer unopened! Our attention turned to a trailer for the new Bourne Legacy movie coming out in just a few days. (Can’t wait) Then I stumbled upon this story and the findings of two very enterprising medical students at the Defcon Hacker Conference. They believe “that the day is not so distant when we will be able to “mod” our organic bodies with inorganic mechanical and electronic materials that enhance our augment our basic abilities. They refer to the coming era of human augmentation as “transhumanism.”


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Blade Runner for real: The days of augmenting human bodies with “mods” are coming