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Disturbing Twitter Behavior

August 2, 2012 NJAPW

Twitter recently suspended the account of Guy Adams, a British newspaper reporter for The Independent, after he posted complaints about NBC’s tape-delayed Olympics coverage. His posts included the e-mail address of Gary Zenkel, the head of NBC Olympics. The problem was that Twitters explicit policy states that it does not monitor the tweets of its users. BUT, NBC and twitter are bedfellows regarding social media coverage of the London games.

What has been a terrible PR debacle for Twitter and NBC has been a bonus for the reporter, now infamous for being outed by Twitter.

Mr. Adams said he had about 4,500 followers before he was kicked off Twitter. By Tuesday night, after Twitter reinstated his account, he had 16,300 followers.

Here’s another story about the mess and the implications worth checking out from the New York Times.