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Everyone Has a Story!

July 16, 2010 NJAPW

News is breaking all around you!

• When you’re the local angle to a national story, or you can comment on the hot topic of the day, TV producers, daily and weekly newspaper reporters, and bloggers will practically be begging to talk to you.

• Too many people who want publicity don’t bother picking up the phone or emailing. They think the media are too busy. Or they don’t know what to say.

What a mistake! This is the very best time to pitch.

Patton Media regularly provides media training to individuals and groups. We’ve trained CEO’s and groups within state agencies. We believe everyone has unique subject matter expertise. The ability to articulate your key messages and adapt to breaking news when it happens will make you a media favorite and keep them calling you to contribute instead of your competition.

For those of you that want to jump in and learn more yourself, I am affiliate and I recommend the work of Joan Stewart, AKA: The Publicity Hound. I use her products myself occasionally for speaking engagement hand outs. Her products are for those of you that want to “stick your toes into the water” and test the world of publicity and media relations.

Joan Stewart has a special webinar coming up at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 21.

You will learn:
• How to use very simple email subject lines, include three important elements in every pitch, and the exact number of times to follow up.
• Word-for-word email pitches sent to the media–pitches that resulted in major publicity
• Step-by-step directions on exactly how to piggyback your story idea onto breaking news
• You’ll get free media resource websites, thus saving you thousands of dollars on media directories

If the time is inconvenient, sign up anyway because you’ll get a link to the video recording.

For details, or to register, GO HERE!

P.S. Don’t breathe a word about this to your competitors.